About Non-Profit Legends

“Non-Profit Legends” is the first comprehensive book to cover all aspects: volunteer recruitment-retention, fundraising, planning, board development, corporate cause-related marketing, etc. There’s a chapter on the history of public TV-radio and one on causes supported by celebrities, plus motivational quotes.

This is the fourth in Hank Moore’s internationally-published Legends book series, two of which have been nominated for the PULITZER PRIZE.

“It is a huge honour to be listed as one of the TOP Nr. 4 Non-Profit Legends by Mr Hank Moore in NY, America. This is the fourth in Hank Moore’s internationally-published Legends book series, two of which have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.” – Madame Sabine Balve


Hank Moore was a White House advisor to President Lyndon Johnson, serving as one of the authors of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the first trade-with-Mexico bill. He also advised President George Bush, as one of the architects of the Thousand Points of Light program for volunteerism and community stewardship. He has won more than 150 awards for client work and community stewardship. He has been inducted into two professional halls of fame.

Non-Profit Legends is a comprehensive overview book on serving communities and motivating leadership for non-profits. … Google Books
Originally published: October 25, 2016
Author: Hank Moore
Genre: Reference work

He is that rare 1 out of 100,000 senior business advisors, a Big Picture strategist, with original, cutting-edge ideas for creating, implementing and sustaining corporate growth throughout every sector of the organization. His Business Tree™ is a trademarked approach to growing, strengthening and evolving business while mastering change.
Hank Moore has published more than 250 articles and monographs in business publications, journals and consumer magazines and has written five books: The Business Tree™, The High Cost of Doing Nothing™, Pop Culture Wisdom, The Classic TV Reference and It’s Almost Tomorrow™. Four more books are in production: Secrets of the CEOs, The Children’s Tree™, Confluence™ and The Book of Words.

Honour is the eternal and priceless respect that everyone in this world strives hard to achieve but only a few attains. Honour is often bestowed on someone for his or her valour, nobility and heroism and is often granted on pure recognition of true accomplishment. Honour helps you to hold your head high and is a major boost to one’s personal integrity. Being the core principal of happiness and respectful life, honour is a much-coveted ingredient for a happy, successful life. – Madame Sabine Balve

Inside the book
Non-Profit Legends…

Chapter 1. Reasons for Caring, Giving and Serving Others

Chapter 2. History of Volunteering and Community Service

Chapter 3. Volunteers, The Art of Volunteering

Chapter 4. Categories of Non-Profit Organizations

Chapter 5. Non-Profit Organizations

Chapter 6. Memories, Events, Nostalgia

Chapter 7. Fund Raising

Chapter 8. Putting on Special Events

Chapter 9. Community Relations for Corporations, Business

Chapter 10. Causes Championed by Public Figures

Chapter 11. Public Service Announcements

Chapter 12. Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

Chapter 13. Board Development

Chapter 14. Ethics, Corporate Sustainability, Governance

Chapter 15. History of Public Television and Radio

Chapter 16. Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations

Chapter 17. Collaborations, Partnering and Joint-Venturing

Chapter 18. Communications Programs for Non-Profits

Chapter 19. Photo Gallery, Non-Profit Memorabilia

Chapter 20. Leadership Programs

Chapter 21. Awards and Recognition

Chapter 22. The Quality Process is a Mindset for Success

Chapter 23. Quiz About Non-Profits

Chapter 24. Quotes