Project Description

2017 was announce the “Year of giving 2017” by UAE

Social Responsibility | Volunteering | Serving the Nation.

It was an honour for Madame Sabine Balve to highlight this to the world with her international Global Tolerance Faces 2017 campaign – show casting UAE as a melting pot of 200 nationalities – a Role Model of TOLERANCE, 200 Nationalities live in peace and tolerance and harmony together here.

Her voluntary contribution serving the Nation (UAE).

More info about the Global Tolerance Faces 2017 campaign – click under Menu “Work” => Project => on the Global Tolerance Face 2017 – Logo. (same site here).

This digital media campaign joint 11.800 International Members such as German Minister, Politicians, (the Carribean, Pakistan etc.) World Champions in Sport such as Wimbledon, Skydiving, Cricket National Players (Imran Khan Team) and others from all sorts of the walk.