Project Description

Madame Sabine Balve was the SOLE Facilitator for the World Energy Forum 2012.
As she was updated already in the second week of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (March 2011)
about the meltdown and melt thru, she decided to take on the financial responsibility of a 6 months operation for the negotiation with the government of Dubai.

During 6 Months She wrote more than 500 emails to all authorities of UAE to engage them to support this World Energy Conference as an emergency energy conference in 2012. She wrote also the conference agenda
copyright by her with the title “A Forum for World Leaders” coined by her.

Based on Madame Sabine Balve INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (copyright with her) and her private letter to HIS HIGHNESS SHEIK MOHAMMED BIN RASHID Al MAKTOUM, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of UAE to ask him for his generous support and patronage, this conference happened in October 2012.

All UNITED NATION MEMBER COUNTRIES (193) the head of states and minister of energy was invited to join this World Energy Conference. Based on her Intellectual Property.

Madame Sabine Balve was working for the MOU – Agreement with DEWA, Dubai, UAE. (6 MONTHS 24/7 up to 16-17 hours per day). She engaged furthermore all her office stuff and paid all costs upfront for the patronage
simple as there was NO other choice since she knew about the bad health effect this meltdown and melt thru had and still has on the whole northern hemisphere.

She is honoured and awarded and more then 10.000 times endorsed for her selfless work by the international community.