Project Description

GLOBAL TOLERANCE FACES 2017 is A Digital Media Campaign founded by Madame Sabine Balve. (31.12.2016-31.12.2017)
Inspired by the call of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum for Tolerance in the Region.

She highlighted i.e. that UAE is a melting pot of 200 nationalities

A Role Model of TOLERANCE, 200 Nationalities live in Peace and Tolerance and Harmony together here.

2017 was announced the “Year of giving” by UAE
It was an honour for Madame Sabine Balve to Highlight this to the World

The Global Tolerance Faces 2017 Campaign has joint 11.800 People around the Globe.

MISSION: Promoting United for a Sustainable World in Peace

Tolerance between all Nations, all Religions, all Skin Colours and all Ethnic Backgrounds

* This campaign joint meantime international politicians (Minister Germany etc. and several World Champions in Sport) and other influential international role models for tolerance and peace between all nations and all religions.

Bridging East & West – with the Spirit to UNITE all people worldwide


About Madame Sabine Balve as the founder of this campaign:

Madame Sabine Balve is awarded as a Global Citizen in 2016 by Pan African Humanitarian Award for her tireless contribution as a Digital Media Influencer and success Global Campaigner of the World Leaders Forum Dubai, Global Movement about Global Citizenship for a Sustainable World in Peace. She is also a Global Peace Ambassador at large at URGC.

Madame Sabine Balve’s  NEW success campaign – “Global Tolerance Faces 2017”


  1. United Nation Tolerance day, 16.November 2017
    Celebrating the beauty of diversity & tolerance between all nations & all religions
  2. United Nation, Sustainable Tourism Development Year 2017